NUTRITEC Company is a manufacturer of nutritional products for all crops.

NUTRITEC was founded to offer biotechnological solutions to improve the nutritional status of plants, based on its natural ability of adaptation with its means and also the communication between itself.

Our products are formulated with the incorporation of natural substances obtained by the most advanced biotechnological techniques.

Our values are innovation, development and an excellent knowledge of high proportion of cultures. For this reason, we offer a continuous and renewed consultancy to the producers and a demonstrated experience in several national and international areas of culture.

Our mission is to be at the forefront of biotechnology solutions for nutrition and stimulation of plant. In consequence, improve with natural and efficient forms the productions and quality of cultures, reaching a significant improvement in the incomes of producers.

NUTRITEC is a technical and qualified team formed by a staff compromised with innovative spirit of the company and continuous desire to offer the best solutions for producers with the highest quality.