• Free amino acids 8% W/W
  • Nitrogen (N) 8% W/W

AGROPLUS GB is a stimulant containing free amino acids and peptides of vegetal origin. It works by improving plant resistance to abiotic stress situations. It reduces the incidence of physio-pains caused by stress such as abortion of fruits, deformations of flowers and fruits, cracking, etc…

AGROPLUS GB is used:

  • To stimulate the activity of anti-stress processes.

  • To avoid the falling of flowers and young fruits under adverse weather conditions (cold and heat).

  • To prevent the “cracking” of fruit by promoting a better osmotic regulation.

Foliar application in all cultures.

  • Apply 300 – 400 g/hl or 3-4 Kg/ha.

  • Apply 250 g/hl or 3 Kg/ha to improve fruit set in horticultural crops.

    The product is compatible with most products on the market, except those who contain sulphur, copper and mineral oils.

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