• Free amino acids of synthtic origin 18% W/V
  • Nitrogen (N) 8.5% W/V
  • Phosphorus (P2O5) 5.5% W/V

FULVIPLUS is a biostimulant based on amino acids of synthetic origin completely assimilable, very effective and useful for the plant. It promotes and stimulates the development and growth of the organs of the plant being divided.

FULVIPLUS is used:

  • To improve the metabolism of the plant to the stages of major needs: Bud break, flowering, fruit set, maturation, etc… or to limit the effects of stress due to unfavorable conditions.

  • To stimulate the activity and development of roots in all types of soil and for all crops.

Radicular and foliar application in all cultures.

  • Radicular application: use 5-10 L/ha per application.

  • Foliar application: use 300-400 cc/hl or 3-4 L/ha.

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