• Free amino acids of synthetic origin 28.8% W/V
  • Nitrogen (N) 7.2% W/V

NUTEC FORCE is a solution of free amino acids resulting from the enzymatic hydrolysis of vegetable proteins. It is a natural biostimulant, with high levels of amino acids. Its use is indicated to stimulate the development at the beginning of the critical stages of the cycle of the plant.

NUTEC FORCE is used:

  • To activate and stimulate the plant during the critical phases of development, especially in stressful situations (low temperatures, water stress, phytotoxicity, etc…).

  • To strengthen the effects of the plant protection products herbicides and foliar nutrients.

Radicular and foliar application in all cultures.

  • Radicular application: use 5-10 L/ha for application.

  • Foliar application: use 300-400 cc/hl or 3-4 L/ha.

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