• Magnesium oxide (MgO) 15% W/W
  • Carboxylic acids 50% W/W

AGROPLUS Mg is an organomineral complex where magnesium is united with organic acids of vegetal origin and well recognized by the plant. Its contribution is well indicated in the periods of great photosynthetic activities thus stimulating the physiological reactions with great energy needs.

AGROPLUS Mg is used:

  • To prevent and correct the symptoms of magnesium deficiency.

  • To increasing the photosynthetic rate during periods of major vegetative activities and/or fruiting.

Radicular and foliar application in all cultures.

  • Radicular application: use 2-6 Kg/ha.

  • Foliar application: use 300-500 g/hl or 3-5 Kg/ha.

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