• Iron (Fe) 6% W/W
  • Ortho-ortho 4.8%

CODIFER PLUS 4.2 is a deficiency corrector of iron. It is chelated iron with 4.2% EDDHA ortho-ortho isomer. It has an excellent solubility which allows its application by fertirrigation systems. It is a chelated iron with an effectiveness demonstrated in all types of crops established in soils with a high pH.

CODIFER PLUS 4.2 is used:

  • To prevent and correct progressively in prolonged period, the symptoms caused by iron deficiency in all cultures.

Radicular application in all cultures.

  • Apply 12-20 Kg/ha per cycle at least 3-4 intakes for fruit trees and citrus trees.

  • Apply 8-15 Kg/ha for horticultural crops of long cycle in 2-3 applications.

  • Apply 8-15 g/vineyard.

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