• Boron (B) 13% W/V

NUTEC B is a solution of boron ethanolamine. It is a corrector of organic boron in liquid form. Boron is complexed in its entirety which favors its stability in the soil as well as its assimilation by the plant. The complex causes a stabilizing effect within the plant that significantly affects vegetative growth, germination, pollen development and fruiting.

NUTEC B is used:

  • To prevent and correct the symptoms caused by a Boron deficiency in all crops.

  • To improve the fertility of plants through the improvement of the germination of the pollen tube.

  • To accelerate the physiological processes related to flowering and fruit set.

Radicular and foliar application in all cultures.

  • Radicular application: use 3 L/ha.

  • Foliar application: use 100-200 cc/hl or 1-2 L/ha. Applications are recommended to pre-bloom and when crops have enough leaves to withstand the treatment.

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