• EDTA Manganese (Mn) 1% W/V
  • EDTA Zinc (Zn) 1% W/V
  • Carboxylic acid 30% W/V

RESIST PLUS is a liquid compound containing copper and zinc with natural organic acids of vegetal origin well recognized by the plant. The innovative formulation activates the physiological processes and enzymatic activity in relation to the self defense of the plant, which improves the resistance and tolerance to different types of stress.


  • To ensure tolerance to stress of plant tissues, due to adverse environmental conditions.

  • To enable the self-defense of the plant process.

  • To accelerate the treatment of the wounds caused by the pruning, winds, as well as pathogens in the winter, especially when temperatures are low.

Radicular and foliar application in all cultures.

  • Radicular application: use 5 L/ha for application.
  • Foliar application: use 400-500 cc/hl or 4-5 L/ha.

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