• Calcium oxide (CaO) 5% W/V
  • Boron (B) 0.3% W/V
  • Carboxylic acid 5% W/V

FLORAPLUS is an inducer and stimulator of flowering in vegetable crops, through its application by the roots. It is an organomineral that has been developed to increase the number of flowers per plant and to obtain an optimal flowering with flowers more grouped, bigger and more fertile. This is, among other things, the result of a balanced vegetative development.

FLORAPLUS is used:

  • To stimulate flowering in horticultural crops.

Radicular application in all cultures.

  • Apply 10 L/ha in the first application (according to crops, 20-30 days after transplantation).
    Repeat the application 2 or 3 times when you have need to strengthen the flowering process.
    For hydroponics, spread the weekly application within 3 days.

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