• Calcium oxide (CaO) 20% W/W
  • Magnesium oxide (MgO) 2% W/W
  • Carboxylic acids 10% W/W

CALCIPLUS is an organomineral formulated very rich in calcium and natural organic acids of vegetable origin. It has been developed for use in fertigation as a source of the elements that contain alkaline soils where calcium and magnesium are in insoluble form. The presence of organic acids in the product provides highly assimilable shaped elements and improves the absorption of other nutrients.

CALCIPLUS is used:

  • To improve plant nutrition in situations of maximum demand for calcium and other nutrients.

  • To improve the firmness of fruits and prolong their life after harvest by delaying senescence.

  • To ensure proper root development, especially in case of unfavorable salinity or low availability of calcium.

Radicular application in all cultures.

  • Apply 3 Kg/ha per week in the stages where the demand for calcium and other elements is high.

  • It is recommended to prepare a 2% stock solution and divide the intake at least 3 times per week, with a dose of 1 Kg/ha per application.

  • As an indication, the average annual dose is 20-50 Kg/cycle.

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